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9.500,00 $ - 12.500,00 $
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Min. Order: 1 Satz
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5.200,00 $ - 6.800,00 $
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Min. Order: 1 Satz
Main product
1.800,00 $ - 2.500,00 $
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Min. Order: 2 Sätze
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480,00 $ - 680,00 $
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    Antwort des Lieferanten:

    Hola Castro, gracias por el gran reconocimiento. Intentaremos llevar nuestros servicios a todo el mundo.
    02 Apr 2024
    The PRO VUE works very well in terms of transmission. With regards to quality, it feels well made and solid. and functions well right out of the case. The monitor takes some getting used to in terms of the functions only being accessible by using the touch screen. In this regard it would be great to have function buttons as well. Another thing I didn't think was necessary at first, is to occasional need to use the monitor as an onboard monitor, but there's obviously no input or output other than through the transmitter. In terms of zero latency its a fantastic tool, both for director and focus puller and has provided a way forward without sacrificing on the time it takes to redo a shot due to missed focus. when it comes to range, it works fantastically through multiple walls, and though I haven't had the opportunity to test it in an environment with multiple wireless devices yet, I'm quite impressed with how stable the image remains.
      5.5 Drahtloses Monitor-Kit ohne Latenz PRO VUE
      1.200,00 $ - 1.600,00 $ / Satz

      Antwort des Lieferanten:

      Hi Neville, Thank you for your detailed feedback and high appreciation to PRO VUE. With the WHDI technology, Zero latency and uncompressed video transmission provide customers with a very advanced experience. Regarding your comments please reference as follows. 1, Regarding the function buttons question, we will consider some buttons in the future new product. For the current item, there will be too many buttons to set in the housing. 2, Regarding the monitor question, it can't as an onboard monitor, it must work with a Transmitter. It can support multicast, 1 TX to many. 3, About the stable question, if in an environment with multiple wireless devices interference, you can change the channel, it's 11 channels. Thanks a lot again for your order and feedback
      09 Jan 2024
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      * Unterstützung # SDI, # HDMI und RTSP Streaming-Ausgang gleichzeitig, * Unterstützung # Tally und # PTZ Kameras teuerung funktionen
      * Bis zu 800 m/2600 ft # drahtlose Übertragungs reichweite (Line-of-Sight)* # H.265 Codierung und Dekodierung
      CVW bietet drahtlose Video lösungen für fern gesteuerte Baumaschinen mit seiner drahtlosen Verbindung und Video verarbeitung im Haus
      * Unterstützung # 2-Kanal # drahtloses Video und Audio-Übertragung, * Bis zu #1000 m / 3200 ft Übertragungs reichweite (Line-of-Sight).* # H.265.
      Live-Broadcasting und Live-Streaming-Ausrüstung
      Wird in einem Notfall kommandos ystem verwendet
      Bis zu 1000 m / 3200 ft Übertragungs reichweite, H.265-Codierung und Dekodierung, Tally-und PTZ-Kameras teuerung, # Wireless HDMI-Sender und-Empfänger
      * # Null Latenz & # unkomprimiert # drahtlose Video übertragung * Bis zu #1080 p60, #10-Bit mit 4:2: 2-Chroma-Sampling # MULTI CAST
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